As Science Now Proves…

– through neuro-biology, epigenetics, psycho-immunology, gut-brain and attachment research – it is during the “Primal Continuum of Human Development” that lifelong patterns are laid down in our developing immune system and brain. Love or fear, creativity or depression, trust or alienation, ease or anxiety, vibrant health or chronic illness…and feeling a part of a community or feeling isolated. These are the visible results, across our society.

“Until now, birth and the critical mother-baby bond have been left out of the most important discussions and plans for how to create a better world. Nothing will fundamentally change until we understand that it is not either mothers or babies that should be the focus: it’s both. This unit must be the focus for every community and society who wants a better world. For they are one system. What we do to one – or fail to do to one – we do to the other.”

Suzanne Arms, Founder-Director BTF


“The health care system as we have known it is in chaos, and this includes maternity care.  The system and the mindset that created it are going through a painful and dysfunctional labor-struggling to stay in control.   Tell me more…

UP-Ending Patriarchy is pleased to be affiliated with Birthing the Future. Together, we acknowledge that the cultural and nationalistic obstacles to Peace and global sustainability continue to make true progress impossible. Further, we agree that these so-called obstacles are actually paper tigers. At their roots lie humankind’s compulsion to work through ancient and modern unresolved traumas via the twin processes of unconscious re-enactment and re-victimization, the cause of virtually every misery.

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Suzanne Arms

Since 1973, Suzanne Arms has been an outspoken visionary, multi-book author, photojournalist, inspired teacher and public speaker: wise, passionate and compassionate. She synthesizes earth-based wisdom and modern science about how best to bring humans into the world and care for the mother-baby bond, so that everyone benefits and families can thrive. Her perspective is both broad and deep, as she weaves history, politics, economics, psychology, spirituality, public health, cross-cultural issues, eco-feminism and the feminine into a beautiful tapestry of knowledge.

“Suzanne Arms tells the truth, and she does it with great clarity and compassion.” – Christiane Northrup, MD, Ob/Gyn, Author of Women’s Bodies: Women’s Wisdom

“When childbearing women are informed, supported and empowered, and their rights protected, and when biological processes are honored, children – starting in the womb – can thrive.” – Suzanne Arms  ~Read More 


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“How we treat the women who bring children into this world
and whose bodies are the first world for babies
– whether with high honor and tenderness or neglect and abuse
– profoundly influences the direction of every society.
Love and peace, or fear and violence truly do begin in the womb.”

We have today the tools at hand to break
inter-generational cycles of abuse and neglect, even war,
and to prevent and heal birth-related trauma that is so prevalent.

Love Suzanne Arms


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