BTF International Roundtables

Birthing The Future has put on a number of small international Roundtables in various places across the world (Canary Islands, USA, Brazil) for the purpose of bringing together approximately 20-25 individuals from widely diverse backgrounds, professions and perspectives, to collaboratively focus on birth and the primal period (and the roots of love and trust or fear, defense and aggression) in humans…and consider how to shift unwholesome beliefs and practices. These roundtables are usually 5-6 days in length and held in a beautiful and quiet retreat setting, so that participants can leave the worries of the outer world and their personal life behind them during that time, and bring their whole self to the roundtable. If you are interested in being a participant or would like to know more about the roundtables, please contact Suzanne. In addition, you can buy the DVDs – beautifully filmed and edited one hour long each – of different topics as shared by different people who attended a Roundtable.

You can also ask our help in putting together a Roundtable in your own community to address issues of key importance there – such as changing hospital practices, increasing breastfeeding rates, creating paid maternity (and paternity/co-parenting) leave of ample length to lower the stress on mothers and improve the quality of the mother-baby and father/partner-baby bond; creating day-care onsite and in shopping areas, so that babies can be close to their working parents and also so parents can have an hour or two time apart from their baby to shop or enjoy some “down” time, while the baby is getting tender care and attention from another adult (or teen). There are many reasons to hold a Roundtable.

Find out what’s lacking in your community and envision creating meaningful change. Then organize a Roundtable. Birthing The Future has materials to help you…and we can consult or even facilitate the Roundtable. call us in Colorado USA: 970-946-6994.

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