Meet the team

Birthing The Future(R) was founded by Suzanne Arms – author, educator, advocate, photojournalist – at the urging of many people who had read her books or heard her talks and felt that her broad and deep vision of birth and the primal period needed to be more widely understood,  appreciated and accepted. It was founded in 2003, although Suzanne had been working on behalf of creating meaningful positive change in birthing and the “primal” period, since 1975, with the publication of her 2nd book, Immaculate Deception (named a Best Book of its year by the New York Times). BTF was founded in 2003 and received its nonprofit – 501c3 – legal status in the U.S.A (known as a “charity” in many other countries) in 2005.

Birthing The Future(R) does not receive any corporate money and, as a result, is free from any restraints from industry. It has been funded by kind donations and by the sale of its inspiring and informative products (printed materials, films, etc).

There are no paid employees at the current time. We do our work with the help of interns, students and volunteers assisting Suzanne. The office is located near Durango, Colorado, USA.

We have many advisors – educators, nurses, physicians, midwives, epidemiologists, activists, economists, psychotherapists and more. And we welcome anyone who would like to help us further our work, which is to help transform both beliefs and practices (individual and systems, both) about how we bring humans into the world and care for the critical mother-baby bond, which begins before conception, and how we “hard-wire” the human brain and nervous system and the body for thriving and cooperation and for creating a more peaceful and just world.

Call us and talk with Suzanne, if you’d like to be part of our team:

Ph 970-946-6994 mountain time USA in Colorado

rubiMeet the team