AudioCD 01. Free Introduction to “Immaculate Deception” read by Suzanne Arms

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Have you heard Suzanne Arms speak, or read her groundbreaking book, IMMACULATE DECEPTION [named a New York Times Best Book of the Year]

By popular demand, these talks are now available in 11 downloadable audios that you can listen to now as she reads from IMMACULATE DECEPTION,  AND shares personal commentary on:

  • The History of Childbirth
  • The Conscious Baby from in-Womb on
  • Birth Practices and preparing for Birth
  • The Mother-Baby and their unique Bon
  • The Human Brain, Trauma & Healing
  • Vulnerable Boys & Men
  • Primal Patterns that shape us – as adults, as children, as families
  • The Roots of Anxiety, Depression and chronic Illness
  • Societies rooted in Fear & Defense vs. Love & Trust… Peace or War
  • … And More

“Timely and Timeless”  “A compelling listening experience…”

For Parents & grandparents… Professionals in health & human services… Students & Practitioners… activists & policy makers

Whether you’ve ever had a baby, plan to, or never will have… You were Born!

A special gift to any pregnant woman or student.

Download & Listen to any part for $2.00 per segment.



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