Be Well Be Happy

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(actual size 4.5″ x 17″)

Excerpts from the poster:

Be Well, Be Happy—

Create a Life You Desire

Want a wonderful birth and healthy baby?

Your best insurance is to enter labor in fine health.

Begin now—ideally before you wish to conceive.

21 days of repetition can make or break a habit.

Ask questions! Whenever you do not understand something or do not believe what you are hearing, seeing or reading, find someone to ask for information. Don’t stop asking until you feel “right”

Let the journey and this baby teach you

Talk to your baby…Babies feel everything, even in the womb! You are their entire world.

Tune out bad news—Notice how you feel seeing negative or violent images (like TV news) or hear scary birth stories. Your baby feels everything! Please turn off the TV 1 hour before bed and keep it off waking up.

[32 other healthy habits include] Be affectionate… Communicate… Dance & Sing… Drop caffeine… Drink water… Eat the freshest foods… Examine your values… Get maternity leave&… Massage… Pray… Meditate… Read food labels… Start a diary… Stop judging, criticizing and blaming yourself… Stretch… Take a birth class… Walk or swim… Watch parents & grandparents…


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