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by Chloe Fisher, Mary Renfrew and Suzanne Arms

The new, fully updated and revised edition of the how-to breastfeed guide for that is considered by millions of parents and professionals alike to be the best book available on how to breastfeed successfully. Included are valuable topics like choosing to breastfeed, getting started, the importance of positioning, understanding milk supply, what to do when mother and baby are separated, how to resolve problems quickly and simply so they do not become serious.


(reviewed 1990) “Finally – a book that will equally serve the breastfeeding mother and the lactation consultant! Bestfeeding addresses the practical aspects with a common sense approach that could only come from such a diverse and experiences trio of authors…Bestfeeding deserves to be at the top of the list of books recommend to both mothers and their helpers.”
Linda Demarais, RPT IBCLC

(reviewed 2001) “The 10th anniversary edition has been long awaited…One of the original highlights, women’s breastfeeding stories, has increased from seven to eleven informative and sensitive case studies. The updated list of resources for finding lactation assistance internationally is extensive. The new Bestfeeding is a model of how to “de-technify” lactation. It continues to be one of the most desirable manuals available to the new mother and an excellent refresher for lactation specialists.”

<strong>What People Are Saying About Bestfeeding:</strong>

“Bestfeeding is a virtual treasury of the collective wisdom on breastfeeding, and it is now my first choice for parents.”
Marshall Klaus, MD author of The Amazing Newborn, Parent-Infant Bonding, and Care of the High-Risk Infant

“Wholeheartedly recommend by the Joint Breastfeeding Initiative, England.”
National Childbirth Trust, The Association of Breastfeeding Mothers, and La Leche League (UK)

“If you are considering breastfeeding, or want to help someone who is. This is the right book for you. An outstanding feature is the authors’ rich and diverse experience. Their unusual ability to present explanations and suggestions clearly and simply resulted in a masterpiece.”
John Kennell, MD Pediatrician

“This is not just another book on breastfeeding. It is a guide in the true sense of the word. The empathy and understanding of the authors for mothers shine through on every page. Should a mother have no one to turn to for help, this book will be a friend.”
Dora Henschel, MBE RN RM MID Coordinator, Joint Breastfeeding Initiative, England

“This is the first basic breastfeeding book I can recommend without qualification. The language is simple, the photos and drawing are accurate and universal.”
Maureen Minchin, author of Breastfeeding Matters and vice president of Australian Lactation Consultants’ Association

“Beautiful to look at and easy to read, Bestfeeding reaffirms the joy and ease of breastfeeding when a mother has access to both information and ongoing support.”
Marian Tompson, Co-founder of La Leche League International


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