Birth & The Primal Period

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Birth & The Primal Period
shape our deepest lifelong patterns
Photos by Suzanne Arms

This unique poster is really a visual introduction to Childbirth and Pre- and Perinatal physiology, psychology, brain development and explains and shows how humanity has been living from a foundation based upon “primal trauma”, which inhibits full development…and how we need to shift to a foundation based upon “primal nurture”, which promotes natural processes and full brain & nervous system, gut & immune system development.

That’s what is going to shift us from a fear and defense-based species, wedded to aggression, unhappiness and ill health, to a species that lives from a deep sense of trust, love, cooperation, happiness and optimal wellness. On the spiral for each side of the infinity symbol are listed most of the components and signs that we would recognize, and some of which are only newly “discovered” to be critical to human health.

We are almost giving this poster away, because we feel it is such an important piece that people of all ages will study, use and share with others. It’s meant for anyone who wants to create healthy children, healthy and contributing adults, a sustainable society and a peaceful world… full of up-to-date scientific evidence about birth and the primal period.

We hope that you will buy more than one and give one to your favorite health professionals, birth educators.

Our Introductory Price is just:
$12 for 1
$35 for 5
$60 for 10


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