Get to Know the People

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Excerpts from the text:

An introduction to the many people in your community to help a woman throughout her pregnancy and birth

Get to Know the People
Who Can Help You During
Your Childbearing Year

Your community your partner, family, friends, the skilled wise women around you… and also

Doulas are skilled women who support both you and your partner all through labor. A doula helps keep you and your baby safe from unnecessary intervention and…

Midwives are the trained specialists in normal, healthy childbearing—for any kind of woman… Skilled in listening to your needs and desires, midwives honor the role of your family and community in your birth.

Chiropractors are trained to work with blockages of energy in the body, to reduce stress and misalignment in the pelvis, spine, neck and head. Can create an easier labor. Choose one who does “low force.”

Others include:

Independent Birth Educators… Physicians… Nurse Practitioners… Physician Assistants… Public Health Nurses… Acupuncturists… Cranio-sacral Therapists… Chiropractors… Counselors or Therapists… Herbalists… Homeopaths… Massage Therapists… Naturopaths… La Leche League… Lactation Consultants
What you do for yourself
You do for your baby, too


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