The Time Is Now Greeting Card

$ 2.25



This beautiful 4×5.5″ greeting card printed on heavy card stock, with original art and design by acclaimed artist Rubistarr Randazzo and text by Suzanne Arms. This beautiful card is suitable for any occasion that calls an image and words that will inspire. The card is blank inside. A pastel colored envelope is included and they are slightly larger than the greeting card.

The text on the front reads:

“The Time is Now to awaken to full human potential and dream our children into a new dawn of justice, happiness, and peace”

Price for one: $1.50
Price for 10: $9.00
Price for 20: $16
Price for 50: $25

Quantity Discounts:
Larger quantities @ greater discount are available through the Birthing The Future office: Ph.970-884-4005 U.S.A. Mountain Time


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