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Tired of being discouraged about the state of society and the declining health of our children?  Want to reverse the trend of anxiety, depression, learning problems and violence among our children?  Do you want to help women become empowered and be happy nurturing mothers?

If you have the passion for mothers & babies, birthing, bonding and breastfeeding then join with others like you and express your passion.  Birthing the Future is an organization dedicated to vision and solutions.

When Suzanne Arms was speaking at the University of Alaska, a woman from the audience came up to her with a wonderful story.  “When I was young and pregnant in 1976, I was given a book by a young man on a train carrying a backpack full of books.  He told her that an older woman purchased 1,000 copies of this book and hired him and other young men to travel the country by bus and train and give them away to every pregnant woman they saw so they could have their own copy.  That book was called “Immaculate Deception.”

She then handed Suzanne her much adored copy to autograph!

Imagine a world where all mothers and babies receive everything they need and deserve – for their full development and optimal well-being – in mind, body and spirit!

We can create that world.  Together we are Birthing the Future!

What Can I Do?

Everyone can…

  • Host an event
  • Attend a conference and/or event
  • Help us to find resources (grants, endowments, local resources and other opportunities)
  • Make a donation
  • Buy or Download inspiring & Informational Materials. Learn and then share the information with others.
  • Visit our shop and purchase educational books and/or videos and help spread birthing knowledge in your community
    • Watch our most recent video “Giving Birth
    • Tune into our birthing television show
  • Help us by becoming a…
    • Volunteer
    • Board Member
    • Advisor
    • Intern
    • Ambassador
  • Stay informed, join our mailing list
  • Share your birthing story(s) with us
  • Tell us about who you are and what your passions are
  • Help be our eyes and ears in the community, pass along things you think will be important to us
  • Have a family member or friend that is pregnant ?  Let us know how we can help them
  • Have you seen something interesting related to birthing?  Pass it along to us
  • Support positive legislation and law related to birth

Birthing Professionals and Educators can…

  • Attend a training
  • Become a birthing advocate
  • Have Suzanne speak at your next professional engagement
  • Visit our store and purchase our books and films designed for practitioners and educators
  • Have a question?  Want to understand how to better inform and educate your colleagues and peers?  We can make you more effective with the right information
  • Work with us or come visit us in the beautiful Colorado mountains
  • Attend a working retreat
  • Be a part of implementing and/or brainstorming with us on our model community projects – sustainable, solid information and best practices backed by years of experience

52 things you can do to make birth better


Make Your Thoughts and Feelings Known

Write A Letter or Opinion Piece to the Media


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