Roundtable Participants



Participants at the 1st Roundtable

Our 1st Roundtable:
Tenerife, Canary Islands, April  6-12th 2011

NOTE: This is the list of participants in Tenerife. It will give you a sense of the richly diverse backgrounds, expertise, ethnicity, etc. of the people who are invited to a Roundtable.

1. Amali  Lokugamage (England/Sri Lanka) Physician, obstetrician, epidemiologist, acupuncturist, homeopath. Author of The Heart in the Womb.

2. Amimo Agola (Kenya) International health & nutrition specialist, infant & young child feeding counselor, and doula working primarily with mothers and children in refugee camps.

3.  Anna Verwaal (USA/Netherlands) Maternal-child health & neonatal nurse, doula, certified lactation educator, and lecturer on the cellular memory from life in the womb and birth.

4. Clare Willocks (Scotland) Physician, obstetrician specializing in high-risk pregnancy, and Secretary of British Society of Psychosomatics in Obstetrics, Gynaecology and Andrology.

5.  Dennis Hertenstein (USA) Chiropractor specializing in baby and mother-baby issues for the healing shock and trauma and birth-related injuries, integrating cranial-sacral prenatal and perinatal psychology.

6. Francoise Barbira Freedman (England & Peru/France) Midwife, yoga teacher, medical anthropologist living part of each year and researches with a tribe in the Amazon. Founder/director of Birthlight, a British charity. Francoise teaches worldwide.

7.  Ilana Meallem (Israel/Egypt) Activist for Arabic youth, working with them to build camps for peace, reconciliation and sustainable development. On staff at the Arava Institute for Environmental Studies.

8.  Jim Harris (USA) Social worker, education specialist and parent advocate, working in rural Appalachia and also training social workers, nurses, day care workers on the effects of trauma on children and families.

9. Julie Gerland (Hong Kong/UK/France) Pioneer in holistic primal health, teaching parents and professionals. Chief UN representative for the NGO – World Organisation for Prenatal Education.

10.  Kerstin Uvnas-Moberg (Sweden) Pioneering physiologist, and director of laboratory research in the hormone oxytocin at the Karolinska Institute. She studies oxytocin, also know as the “love hormone” because it governs so much of human labor/birth and shapes bonding.

11.  Laura Uplinger (Brazil) Thinker, educator and advocate for prenatal and perinatal psychology and health. A conference organizer for APPPAH, Association of Prenatal and Perinatal Psychology and Health.

12. Lendsey Achudi (Kenya) 1st year college student majoring in international relations who comes from a rural village in Kenya who aims to be a goodwill ambassador for peace, stability and functional families.

13.  Marisa Alcala (Tenerife, Canaria) Independently practicing homebirth midwife and herbalist working to empower women helping as mothers and educate about the sensitivity and consciousness of babies.

14.  Matra Raj (India/USA) Yoga therapist and childbirth educator, author of book and DVDs on yoga philosophy and practice during pregnancy and for the mother and baby.

15.  Neil Z Miller (USA)  Medical research journalist and director of the Thinktwice Global Vaccine Institute, educating parents and health practitioners and owner/publisher of New Atlantean Press.

16.  Princie Manweera (Sri Lanka) Retired physician, pediatrician with masters in public health, who worked for UN in the division of refugees and in health education for underserved clinic populations.

17. Suzanne Arms (USA)  Roundtable facilitator and coordinator. Speaker, educator, photojournalist, activist and author of books and films on pregnancy, birth, mothering, adoption & breastfeeding. Founder/Director of Birthing The Future®.

18. Wendy Kline (USA)  Historian and university professor focused on the history of birth and mother-baby practices and their impact on health of individuals, families and society.

Onsite Assistants and Support People:

19.  Carmen Gray (USA)Onsite coordinator, artist and home-schooling mother

20.  Rachel Bell (USA) – Nurse with masters degrees in biology and business administration

21.  Sara Morrow – (USA) Graduate student



Robert McLean (UK) Professional still photographer



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