Materials We Create

Birthing The Future® does no paid advertising, rather, we rely upon word-of-mouth and inspired printed materials and films and CDs that we create to broadcast our vision, our message, and information that is not commonly known.

Our most important film to date, available on DVD, is Giving Birth.
Soon to be aired on television, Birthing The Future®’s first 1 hr doc – Birth

Contact us if you want to know when film is ready to air (send your email and state).

Produced and directed by Suzanne Arms and Christopher Carson

We have a brochure on the mother-baby bond that contains a great deal of knowledge and current evidence about what this unique bond is, its impact on our lives and what is needed for every mother and baby to thrive.

Our second brochure is titled The Time Has Come to Create a Non-violent World. This full-color brochure details the connection between how we bring babies into the world, the nature and quality of the mother-baby and father-family bond, and their impact (personal, family, and societal health).

You can order either of these online with FREE US SHIPPING.

In process is a series of booklets starting with birth trauma – what it is, how to prevent it, and how to heal it.

Also upcoming: a CD of Suzanne Arms’s reading a revised version of her classic book Immaculate Deception 2 with excerpts from the original Immaculate Deception that was named a best book of the year in 1975 by the New York Times. We are also producing a set of CDs of some of the best interviews Suzanne has given over the past decade.

suzanneMaterials We Create