The Time Is Now: Guiding Principles

The Time is Now

A Project of Birthing The Future®

Principles that will Guide all of our Decisions at the Round Table


Think Global. Imagine the world as an intricate web of connections and relationships.
Think Culture. Understand and work within tradition.
Think Local. Appreciate the diversity of solutions that exist on our planet.
Think Education. Empower through knowledge and wisdom.
Think Communication. Aspire to understand others first.
Think Extended Family and Community. Promote healthy relationships.
Think Women. Empower intuition and strength to enable the survival of our species.
Think Men. Empower awareness of feelings; encourage nurturing & protection of family.
Think Children. Create autonomy by meeting dependency needs & accepting vulnerability.
Think 7 Generations Forward. Consider the future impact of our decisions.


Think Systems. Support the whole before addressing the parts.
Think Biology. Honor nature and its blueprint whenever developing solutions.
Think Primal Period. Respect the mother-baby system from preconception to 1st birthday.
Think Protection. Create boundaries to keep power from domination.
Think Prevention. Appreciate that fixing is costly and often causes problems.
Think Sustainability. Plan for the continued application of successful models.
Think Simplicity. Create effective, efficient solutions that are achievable.


Think Awareness. Take responsibility for our choices.
Think Healing. Acknowledge the prevalence and long-term effects of primal trauma.
Think Change. Recognize the TIME IS NOW for a much needed paradigm shift.

suzanneThe Time Is Now: Guiding Principles