Who We Are

We are a small U.S.A. 501c3 nonprofit (also known as a “charity” in some parts of the world). We were founded in 2003 by Suzanne Arms, at the urging of many of professionals and parents in the fields of pregnancy, birth, breastfeeding, parenting, bonding/attachment, midwifery and medicine. Suzanne’s work in the field now known as “The Primal Continuum of Human Development” began in 1973, with the publication of her 1st book, A Season To Be Born.


Birthing The Future® draws from the wisdom, guidance, participation and support of people from all walks of life and many disciplines. They include educators, elders and grandparents, wisdom-bearers and healers from many traditions, counselors and therapists, doctors of all kinds, nurses, midwives, doulas, parents and advocates and activists.


We are primarily an educational organization that offers inspiration as well as knowledge and positive models from around the world to guide parents, students, professionals and policy makers. We connect the dots among many different fields, show how things inter-relate We show the Big Picture and why the primal period of human life is so critical.


We gather and we synthesize knowledge and wisdom – ancient, intuitive, and scientific – and beneficial practices from around the world. Our vision is broad and deep and practical. We offer an understanding of problems facing this world and humanity – especially parents, prospective parents, and helping professionals working at the start of life and the shaping of the brain and body and spirit of children. And, perhaps more important to you, we offer practical, do-able solutions that are based in solid evidence and in the compassionate knowing of the human heart, that follow sound biological principles and can be adapted to anyone, anywhere.


Our purpose: thriving families and non-violent, cooperative societies that understand the need for humans to honor our Mother Earth and all living beings.


We are made up of women and men of all ages who have been inspired by the written and spoken words, and the images, of Suzanne Arms, founder and director. We contribute financially and in various ways to keep Birthing The Future® alive and able to produce its important products and events.


Would you like to participate? We need you, and you can be involved and help in a variety of ways. Contact Suzanne Arms directly, at the office in SW Colorado, USA:

Ph. 970-946-6994 (mountain time, USA) or by email: suzannebirthing@gmail.com

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